Printing the City Part 2

Now that the sun is brighter I’ve been able to make some Cyanotype prints. Here’s one folded into a concertina which can also be assembled into a tower lock.

High Rise cyanotype
High Rise cyanotype
High Rise cyanotype

Printing on plaster

I’ve been learning how to print intaglio on plaster in my printmaking course at Leith School of Art. We’re still learning online but it’s not held us back!

This is a plaster diptych displayed in my studio together with a painting on found board.

Printing the City

I’ve been making collagraphs using card packaging as my plate, incising and peeling the card before inking it up for intaglio printing. The resultant print is then reassembled into a 3D object. I’ve added them to some previous lino print assemblies to make an imaginary city. This is all working towards my final project in my printmaking course.